Sep 6, 2023
7 Unforgettable Dessert Experiences in Las Vegas
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Don’t forget the desserts, especially when they are as extraordinary as the ones served at these 8 renowned eateries. Consider the colossal fortune cookie at Tao Asian Bistro, the epic Titanic sundae at Carmine’s, Emeril Lagasse’s unforgettable three-pound banana cream pie, and the delectable sticky toffee pudding by Gordon Ramsay.

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Here’s your guide to 7 quintessential dessert experiences in Las Vegas.

Sinatra's Signature Cappello Dessert

Sinatra’s Signature Cappello Dessert

Sinatra, the illustrious restaurant at Encore Las Vegas, serves up a distinctive dessert. Their signature ‘Cappello’ is a seductive dark chocolate mousse in the shape of a fedora, complemented perfectly by a tantalizing Jack Daniels-infused panna cotta on the side.

The Blossoming Flower Pot at Jardin

The Blossoming Flower Pot at Jardin

Jardin presents a dessert that’s as visually appealing as it is delectable. Deceptively designed to resemble a terra cotta planter adorned with blossoms, this dessert is a culinary masterpiece. Layers of rich chocolate cake, smooth mousse, and tangy raspberry jam are skillfully encased within an edible flower pot, which is topped off with real, vibrant flowers.

Indulgent Oreo Zeppole at Lavo

Could it be the crispy fried Oreo or the hint of rich, heavy cream in the vanilla milkshake that sets the Oreo Zeppole at Lavo, The Palazzo, apart? This dessert has garnered quite the fan base, including some celebrities. The fried Oreos are dunked into the milkshake, creating a sensational harmony of flavors.

The Renowned Lobster Tails at Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo’s Bakery, located in The Venetian and under the stewardship of Buddy Valastro, has been perfecting their Lobster Tails for over a century. This celebrated pastry is generously filled with French cream, a delightful concoction of custard gently folded into whipped cream.

Chica Las Vegas's Spectacular Flaming Skull

Chica Las Vegas’s Spectacular Flaming Skull

Just as you’re admiring the intricately textured golden metallic skull, the dessert takes an even more theatrical turn. A ladleful of flaming liquor is carefully poured over the top, melting away the chocolate skull and revealing a delightful ensemble of chocolate lava cake, creamy horchata ice cream, fresh fruits, and corn marshmallows.

Tao Asian Bistro’s Enormous Fortune Cookie

Tao Asian Bistro, located in The Venetian, concludes dinner on a whimsical note with its immense fortune cookie dessert. This giant fortune cookie is decadently filled with a blend of white and dark chocolate mousse and is garnished with fresh fruit. Adding a dash of intrigue, each cookie contains an edgy fortune, making the dessert a delightful surprise in every aspect.

Carmine’s Titanic Sundae: A Dessert Like No Other

Carmine’s at The Forum Shops at Caesars serves up the awe-inspiring Titanic Sundae. This dessert is a grand spectacle, with six softball-sized scoops of ice cream luxuriously positioned atop a delectable chocolate torte. The creation is further adorned with a medley of fruits, hot fudge, luscious whipped cream, and chocolate wafer straws, making it an unparalleled dessert experience.

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