Aug 23, 2023
4 Athlete Meal Plans Worth Emulating
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We all have at least one sport that we are fond of. Whether we indulge in it as a hobby, merely enjoy watching, or pursue it at a professional level. The same goes for the athletes – beyond admiring their skills, there’s always a curiosity about what they eat daily to achieve such prowess. Today, I’ll share some intriguing athlete meal plans worth considering. But remember, always complement it with regular exercise too!

Roger Federer (Tennis)

When it comes to endurance, professional tennis players rank among the elite in the sports world. Just think about it: in Grand Slam competitions, they might battle through up to 5 sets or endure long tie-breaks. The 2018 Wimbledon semi-final match between Kevin Anderson and John Isner recently required almost seven hours due to an extended tie-break!

However, our focus here is on the legend himself, Roger Federer, and his delightful meal plan. Before a match, this incredible player typically consumes waffles with raspberry syrup, cereal, fruits, coffee, and a shot of vinegar.

Why waffles? Because prior to a match, light carbohydrates don’t upset the stomach and provide sufficient energy for sustained play. What’s unique is the vinegar, often touted as one of today’s superfoods – though its long-term benefits are still a topic of scientific debate.

Diego Forlan (Soccer)

Playing on a small-sized futsal pitch might seem adequate for most people’s stamina. However, for those playing soccer on an international-sized field, without proper conditioning, might find themselves gasping for air even after just a short time on the field. That’s the unique challenge for soccer players – they need to balance stamina with the demands of running and sprinting for a full 90 minutes.

Diego Forlan, the renowned striker from Uruguay, has his distinctive pre-match menu makanan atlet ritual. The athlete’s meal for him consists of toast with butter, yogurt, an egg white omelet, orange juice, and – not to forget – a full plate of pineapple!

Pineapples are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and the enzyme bromelain – all of which are excellent for preventing inflammation or swelling. Additionally, yogurt and egg whites are high in protein.

Amar’e Stoudemire (Basketball)

Veteran player Amar’e Stoudemire sets an example with his light and emulatable athlete meal plan. Standing over two meters tall and engaged in such a competitive sport, this athlete has a breakfast routine of enjoying an omelet, fruits, a “green juice”, and coconut water.

Many might wonder why eggs are frequently the breakfast choice for many. The answer lies in the fact that eggs are an excellent source of protein. Not surprised, right? Though the protein content in eggs might be lower than that of meat, eggs are just as effective in muscle-building!

Coconut water is often touted as a superfood, though its benefits remain debated. While it’s true that coconut water contains electrolytes, it can actually be substituted with regular mineral water in most cases.

Conor McGregor (Mixed Martial Arts – MMA)

One of the rapidly rising sports in recent times is MMA or mixed martial arts. Surely, everyone recognizes its champion, Conor McGregor, right? For him, “delicious food” is the cornerstone of his daily diet, meaning he indulges in whatever he pleases! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? What sets him apart is that a typical day for Conor involves intense training for up to eight hours!

Conor routinely switches between various martial arts training, from taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, and capoeira to even practicing yoga. He stays hydrated with water or coconut water and enjoys consuming meat. A key principle for him is avoiding energy drinks.

Do you have your own healthy meal plan? Don’t forget to check out recipes or alternative healthy ingredients for your next cooking session!

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