Oct 20, 2022
10 Most Popular Types of Bread in the World Bakery
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Discussing the most popular bread in your mind, you must imagine that it is white bread and whole wheat bread. Of the two types of bread, it is indeed common and often consumed by the public at breakfast and also often as a substitute for rice to fill the stomach. If you want to know more deeply, it turns out that there are many more types of bread and not only that… Do you want to review more? So that your knowledge is up to date, here are 10 types of bread that are the most popular besides the bread we discussed earlier. Let’s review the most popular types of bread in the world.


This bread comes from The Black Country, namely from England, the bread is also very soft and is usually served baked and has a very soft texture. Usually, English people eat this bread by adding honey, jam according to taste, and also milk drinks to accompany breakfast.

Spleen Bread

This bread comes from Sweden, this spleen bread also has a unique, slightly sweet taste because it is mixed with liquid sugar and also has a fragrant aroma that comes from the seeds of alawing flowers and orange peels.


This baguette bread comes from France, another name for City of Fashion, the shape of a long and textured bread looks hard. However, this bread is very crunchy when eaten. This bread is also often referred to as the large version of French bread with a length of about 60 cm because of its long shape, in general this bread is served by splitting it into several layers.

The shape on the surface is split or scored. Baguette bread is also often used as a bread ingredient to make garlic bread and sandwiches. The French usually enjoy it at lunch time.


Croissants also come from France. This bread is known when the French army defeated the Turkish army during the war. This bread is no less unique than other breads, this bread has a unique texture with a circular layer on the inside. The texture is also not so dense with a surface that cracks easily if you press this bread. Many make this bread as a friend to drink tea or coffee in the morning.

Pita bread

Pita bread or pita bread comes from the Middle East, which is located in Greece. This bread is also a mandatory food in several countries such as Arabia, Egypt, the Balkans, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and Turkey. It turns out that the country at the center of its civilization has a very distinctive type of bread with a round and flat appearance. Pita Bread is a type of unfermented bread. Cooked by roasting it into the stove, causing brownish marks on some of the outside of the bread.

The taste of this pita bread is slightly crunchy on the outside but still soft on the inside. Eating this bread is usually eaten by tearing it and then dipping it. This bread is also delicious served accompanied by curry sauce or processed into lamb souvlaki or kebabs that come from the country where it originated.


Ciabatta, a typical Italian bread, is made from wheat flour, water and olive oil. Long flat and oval shape with a hard outer skin like white bread. The way it is served is usually thinly sliced. Can be eaten alone or given a spread of butter or baked and given a variety of toppings. Many are found in various places such as large supermarkets, large bakeries and hotel bakeries. The taste is so savory that the outside is crunchy, but soft and chewy on the inside.


The country of Italy, which is called the country of spaghetti, is famous for its long-shaped Italian noodles like a stick, the country of Italy also has a very popular bread, namely breadstick bread. This bread is more suitable to be enjoyed as a snack because in its origin most restaurants there provide it as an appetizer. Apart from that, the shape is similar to a cheese stick cake and the texture is also slightly crunchy and crunchy which is suitable as a snack.


Bread originating from Eastern Europe, which is so famous in Poland. It is typical of its round shape like a donut and has a slightly hard texture in this bread. Poles usually eat it by adding a spread of cream cheese and a sprinkling of parsley leaves.


This bread also comes from Italy, made without sugar and butter. There are main ingredients in the bread, namely flour, salt, water and yeast. For its development, there are types of bread that use it, some don’t use it.

The texture on the skin of the bread is dry and crunchy, but inside the bread is moist and also soft. This bread is usually enjoyed with the main dish.


Crumpet bread originates from England. The texture of the bread is more moist, it is often served with heavy cream or honey or butter and is best at the same time as afternoon tea. Before being served, this bread is usually toasted or grilled first.

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